A Sample Handwriting Analysis

In this handwriting analysis, I show how a short handwritten sample can reveal certain personality traits and behaviour characteristics about the writer. This has profound implications and can help an employer answer his questions about a potential employee.


The heavy depth shows the writer has deep emotional feelings. He will probably find it difficult to forgive and forget. He also has good stamina and will have some energy left in his "tank" after completing a hard day's work. The deep feelings add extra spice to his personality and his reaction in times of adversity is likely to be: "I'm terribly sorry - please let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

Sample of handwriting


The upright writing shows the writer to have the characteristic British stiff upper lip. He keeps his emotions under wraps and will do what he thinks best for the overall situation.


The smallish size shows the writer to have average powers of concentration. He can work in most conditions and will not mind if he is interrupted.

Lack of loops

The lack of upper loops in the writer's b's, h's or l's ( please note ) shows he prefers to deal in facts rather than theories, ideas or speculation. He will therefore tell the truth as he sees it rather than trying to exaggerate or embellish it with imagination. The lack of lower loops in the g's and y's (see key on diagram) shows the writer has difficulty in envisaging how he will put his ideas in to practice or that he finds it difficult to see new or better ways of doing something. Because of this he may well find himself in a rut from time to time.

A Sample of handwriting

Some questions an empolyer might ask:

"Would the writer be suited to a job with long or short term projects?"

The short downstrokes on his y's and g's (see diagram) show the writer to be someone who likes quick results. He will, therefore, work hard to finish a job today rather than let it drag on until tomorrow making him more suited to a job involving short term projects.

A Sample of handwriting

"How intelligent is the writer?"

The writer has a good thinking pattern. The 'v' wedges in his m's and at the apex of his n's and h's ( please note ) shows he has an analytical mind. He will want to see a problem from all sides before reaching a conclusion. He will probably enjoy solving brain teasers or cryptic crosswords. The upside down 'v' wedges in the writer's m's, n's and h's (diagram) shows the writer likes to find things out for himself. If told there is paint on the door and it is wet he will want to touch it himself. He has an agile nind as shown by the way some letters and words run in to each other and so can think quickly. With his good thinking it will be difficult to get the better of him in an argument!

A Sample of handwriting

"Will he work well in a team?"

As the writer's t and d stems (diagram) are the same height as the rest of the writing the writer is an independent thinker and so will be better suited on his own rather than in a team. He might fit into a small team but it would be very much have to be on his terms!

A Sample of handwriting

"Is he a self-starter?"

Yes, as is shown by the way his "r's" (diagram) stretch out like a branch of a tree

"What are his goals?"

The writer's t bars (diagram) are half to two-thirds up the stem throughout showing that he has practical goals. He knows his limitations and is likely to stick to them.

A Sample of handwriting

Can you identify some of these traits in your writing?

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