Graphology, also called handwriting analysis is a well-researched and validated system of analysis to determine the personality of an individual through the study of the strokes of handwriting. Wherever personality is important Graphology has a role to play. There is one thing Graphology is not: it is not the occult. Graphology is a scientific method of personality assessment based on research that has been carried out over the past sixty years. This research is carried out by both empirical and clinical processes. As with any science, Graphology remains the subject of further research and validation.

Graphology is a Science

You are unique and so is your handwriting. On the other hand, writing conforms to a kind of universal pattern imprinted in everybody's unconscious mind. The brain and the hand pick out just those parts of the pattern that reflect the writer's personality. They omit the parts representing traits the writer does not have. If people mature, or go through a bad patch, their handwriting changes to include hitherto unused parts of the unconscious blueprint. It has been repeatedly proved that people who share a given trait also share a similar feature in their handwriting. A century and a half of graphological research has related hundreds of traits to specific written forms. Handwriting analysis will find these traits.

What Traits Are They?

Handwriting reveals abilities, aptitudes, outer personality attributes, and deeper features of the inner character. It shows what people are like, but not what they have done. A graphologist can discern which short-listed candidates are well suited to an advertised post. Writing does not reveal whether they have qualifications; that needs separate checking. It cannot predict the future. Nor can it tell age or sex; people and their writing mature at different rates, and most of us have some masculine and some feminine traits.

Graphology and Psychology

An Alternative to Psychology

Graphology has grown up as an alternative psychology. It does not rely on sensational concepts such as Freud's concept sex as of the measure of all things. Instead, it relies on the actual evidence of handwriting. It does not classify people into set personality types. Handwriting shows that everyone is an individual. Nevertheless, character portraits by graphologists have been described as "stunningly similar" to those derived from psychological tests, purely through handwriting analysis.

You can't Fake It

People can read about psychological tests and learn how to answer in ways that impress the tester. Handwriting is impossible to fake effectively as the graphologist looks for evidence that remains unchanged even when the script is heavily disguised. And attempts at disguise betray themselves by many unnatural signs, especially under high magnification. Natural handwriting shows people as they really are.

Benefits of Graphology

Staff Recruitment

A graphologist looks for the qualities listed in the job specification and also more general traits such as integrity, stamina, drive for job competition, efficient use of use, co-operation, tact, etc. The employer's attention is also drawn to points that could be raised during interview, e.g. will independence be used in the interests of the job, or in a purely self-serving way?

Promotions and Redeployment

Which staff have further potential? Is their desire for more responsibility realistic? Have they reached their level of competence? Would they be more useful and fulfilled if moved to different work? Who is unlikely to make the grade in any case?


Will a proposed partnership work harmoniously? What may cause friction? Forewarned is forearmed.

Team Building

Handwriting shows how well a task force can co-operate and provide the range of attributes needed. Is objectivity balanced by concern for impact on people? Can the team appreciate snags as well as opportunities? Is creativity supported by managerial follow-through?

Business Seminars

Would you like a talk on the value of handwriting analysis for various aspects of business or institutional management?

Redundancy Counselling

Do you help redundant staff to review career opportunities? Handwriting analysis is a firm for counselling on midlife career changes, as it highlights the value of hitherto unappreciated aptitudes. Trial Analysis Interested clients may wish to commission a colleague's handwriting analysis as a test of how well the graphologists report matches known characteristics.

Individual Analysis

Graphologists will undertake an analysis of your handwriting in varying detail according to cost.

Career Counselling

Young people may be unsure of their best career option or what qualifications to seek. Students needing career guidance may be at a loss to see where their opportunities could lead. Helpful signposts can be gleaned from their handwriting.

Compatibility Counselling

Is your proposed marriage or business partner the real Mr. Or Miss Right? Your handwritings can be compared for compatibility to diagnose serious or insuperable problems, or to counsel on how lesser differences can be handled.

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