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Guardian article

This recent article in the Guardian describes my analysis of two samples of historical handwriting.

See the scripts and analysis

Graphology - the analysis of personality from handwriting - is unique. It can be used as a form of entertainment but, more importantly, it has a serious side.

The Queen's handwriting

Are you one of many going through life unaware of your true personality or potential? If so then you can, through your handwriting, discover what hidden skills, qualities and talents you have.

Staff recruitment is graphology's most common use. But it can be used in any situation regarding people - eg compatibility, team building, career or redundancy counselling.

My lecture, which lasts 50 minutes, gives an insight in to graphology and is illustrated with handwriting samples of the famous (including members of the Royal Family, Tony Blair, Geoffrey Boycott and Sir Cliff Richard) and the infamous (including Harold Shipman) to demonstrate the personality traits.

"Thank you for the handwriting analyses. Its quite enlightening and also very true - Amazing!"
Carolin Gratzke, Port Lecturer M/V Oriana

I use PowerPoint for my presentations and ask for a projector and screen to be made available.

I also honour all commitments so in the event of a cancellation I would still expect my fee to be paid in full.

My fee for a corporate event is 500 plus out of pocket expenses.

The Queen's handwriting magnified

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